Thursday, March 26, 2009

Srpouts - the final result!

So I should totally know better than to try and commit to posting everyday. Its not going to happen. But I did continue to take pictures, and growing our own sprouts was a huge success. Within a day or two, we could see all the little sprouts sprouting. We rinsed every morning and every night, and otherwise totally forgot about them. And in a week, we had a ton of sprouts! They were so green, and fresh and crunchy! We celebrated with a tuna sandwich, and were in heaven :)


I will be making more, and even bought a 'starter kit' that includes two screens (the nylon worked, but was a little dense and made rinsing a little harder then it needed to be, I'm all about 'easy') and lots of seeds. And I got a package of mixed seeds that I will also be trying. YUM!!!


Alissa said...

Hey Jen,

We started sprouting this week too! Yesterday, actually. We're doing alfalfa and mung beans. So far so good! The beans are sprouting already. I agree though, the nylons are a little too dense. The kids are enjoying the science experiment, and best of all we'll get to eat it. :)

Jen said...

Your sprouts look awesome! And to save yourself from buying a kit like what I did for the screen, if you get a some tulle from the fabric store, you can make some great drawstring produce bags, and use a couple squares for your sprout screens. Win/win! (That being said, I still haven't bought tulle yet...maybe next week!)

Shelley said...

I really want to do this Jen! Safeway stopped selling sprouts and I LOVE them! Where did you get your kit and seeds?

Jen said...

Sorry Shelley, just saw this now! I used an old jar, an old nylon sock and got the seeds from Planet Organic (or any garden center or seed area in Walmart or whatever). But if you go to Planet Organic, they have the kit with proper mesh that does work better then the sock. So yummy, I haven't done this in ages, time to do it again!