Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh and last week I ordered these bamboo crochet hooks (the small and large set!). Apparently they were to be mailed on the 10th, so I am anxiously awaiting them. My friend is having a baby that is due beginning of June, and I am going to make a rainbow round ripple for them. I want that to be my first project for my new hooks. I'm so excited, they better get here soon!!


ChiaoGoo Bamboo Hooks

ChaioGoo Bamboo Hooks are a pleasure to use. The bamboo is lightweight and warm to the touch compared to aluminum hooks.
These hooks are very strong and smooth. They are made from Chinese Moso bamboo, one of the largest and strongest bamboo species.
The hook size is permanently laser-marked, and on the other side is a Chinese symbol and word. The small hook set is incribed with the words Wisdom, Freedom, Peace, Love and Faith. The large hook set has Bless, Fortune, Longlive, and Joy.

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