Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another mini greenhouse idea

My mom often says she's not creative, however I strongly disagree. She had the great idea for these mini greenhouses, and she had another great idea that I've just had the chance to try out.

Although it's June, Calgary has had a number of nights with frost lately. We even had snow the other day. All my plants are happily thriving in their containers, oblivious to the fact their end could be anytime. I've been running out with blankets at night to tuck them in, but in the mornings I've had to run out to uncover them even though it's still chilly as I think they need the light. And with a son who has just recently given up the last of the pull-ups at night, I need all the extra blankets in the house!

So following the lead of my mom (who made the setup several weeks ago for her plants), I headed out to my closest Walmart, and for under $2 each, got several shower curtain liners. I placed these over the containers, and either tucked them under the container, or used rocks to hold them down, etc, and voila! Instant little greenhouses! And on the chilly days (seriously, what is with our weather?), the plants stay cozy while they still get the light.

Next year I think I will try using a set of open shelves I have, attaching the curtains and building an actual standing greenhouse for my little seedlings. I doubt the liners will last for more then one season, but I've heard many of those little greenhouses you buy don't last much longer either. So it will be worth trying!

These have worked exceptionally well over my tomato and pea cages. It's easy to tuck them in tight, or to leave the sides open for ventilation.



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