Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok its been a long time since I posted, but I have been busy. I've been working on a couple designs for mama pads. I'm liking how they're turning out, but the more I look into things, the more I don't think its worth the start up costs. Items such as a rotary cutter and board would be nice, but things like a snap press would be needed, and wooh those are pricey! So I'm still going to keep working on them, and I have a few testers ready, but if I ever actually do try to sell them I don't know.

But today as I was enjoying the peace and quiet of naptime, I came across a post on one of my forums where a lady was complaining about the little plastic produce bags you get at the grocery store. I use cloth and recycable grocery bags all the time, but I still put my apples and yams and whatever in those little plastic bags. They often get a little wet and sticky depending on what kind of produce you're buying, and then they're useless for reusing. And while I like being more earth friendly, there's no way I'm fussing around with rinsing out a little baggy! So I made my own!

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Its not super pretty, but its holding four apples quite successfully, and really usually its lays in the cart or shopping bag, not hanging from somewhere. I crocheted a drawstring so the entire bag is 100% cotton that can be thrown in the washer and dryer again and again. Also they're super light (its a guaze type fabric) so shouldn't affect the cost at the till. I'm thinking of trying my hand at dying them cool colours and matching drawstrings. Now I will be shopping with all cloth, no more plastic bags!!

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