Saturday, May 9, 2009

My sad garden

We are currently renting our current house. We love it. It's literally three minutes from hubbies work, the house is awesome, we have good neighbors, lovely yards... But the garden leaves much to be desired. It has a huge front bed, but it is totally dead soil. So I had some choices to make. I could spend the money and invest the sweat equity into ammending the soil. That would have been a great long term solution. One that I would have done if it weren't for the fact we are renting and may not even be here next summer. Or I could cover it all up and do a container garden. Which is what I have done! So here is what I started with, dead clay.


And here is after I have laid the fabric weed barrier, and a whole bunch of mulch. Much better!! I have more containers now, that you will see in the next update photos, but even this looks so much better. And I just love the smell of the mulch every time we walk into/out of the house. I will post more pics as the season passes, I just love this area now and can't wait until it's in full bloom. I'm only planting annuals here, and this was a costly project with all the mulch, buying containers and all the planting mix. But it was very little work, should hopefully need very little maintenance, and all the containers I can take with me when we go.


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