Sunday, July 5, 2009

A different kind of deodorant

I enjoy making my own cleaners, and have even dabbled in making some of my own lotions and potions. And one that has been on my mind for a long time is making my own deodorant.

Somehow, it just seems like a really delicate spot on the body to be slathering chemicals onto every day. A quick search of the internet will pop up links to Alzheimer's and cancer. However taking a few extra moments, and you will also find leading organizations who dispel these claims. You can easily find arguments for either side of this claim. I'm not a scientist, doctor, or any other kind of expert. But I like to decrease the amount of gunk I use, so this makes sense for me.

So, putting all those issues aside, lets focus on a few of the other issues. Someone has to make all that deodorant, make all the plastic holders, put it all on a truck, drive it here, there and everywhere. It leaves a footprint. And then you pay $5 per stick. (yes, the only brand I like is Mitchum and was $5 the last time I bought it). That's enough to make me never want to buy it again.

Except I'm also not willing to be all sweaty and smelly. So again and again I shell out for this everyday staple. I did try a deodorant crystal, and it did leave me dry, but smelly, and so that was a very short lived experiment. But wait! Another blog I visit, The Poor College Students Guide to Raising A Baby, recently had a post about making your own deodorant. I followed a few of her links, and came across some different 'recipes' and approaches. Some more complicated then others, some containing ingredients I know I don't have, and I'm not sure where to buy. But then I found one so simple, there was zero downside to trying it out. Absolute worse case scenario? It doesn't work, I'm out approximately 90sec and a wee bit of ingredients I already had in the house, and I'm sweaty and smelly for a little bit until I can go back to my regular deodorant.

So, I gave it a shot, and one week later I'm amazed to tell you I cannot find any difference between this and my $5/stick deodorant. So here is the link, the recipe and my review...

1 part baking soda
6 parts cornstarch

Put in a small container and shake well. Use a brush, pad or sponge (I use an old blush brush) and apply to underarms.

Really. That's it. So simple how can you not try it?

My review... I honestly cannot tell the difference from my regular deodorant. It has been hot outside, I have chased children around and around, I have cleaned my house (and not a daily tidy, a clean for guests heavy clean). I have been in hot stuffy cars, and then in chilly air conditioned stores (always a recipe for that clammy feeling). And I cannot tell the difference. And hubby swears I'm not smelly. I used 1/2tsp baking soda and 3tsp cornstarch for a trial batch (which is easily 2-3wks worth). Put it in a little snack container, shook it up and then I just dab my brush in it, give it a little tap and apply it like any powder makeup, just to my underarms.

My only tip is when applying, the dust does travel a bit. But it easily wipes away. And it will leave a white mark on dark clothing if getting dressed right after applying. But again, this is white dust, not the sticky white residue from regular deodorant. Simply brush it off, use a damp cloth if necessary. And like regular deodorant, if you use it right after shaving, it will sting for a bit. But the next day (and every day since) I have had zero reaction.

Anyways, I am converted. Sometimes it truly is the simple things that are worth doing!


Tatiana said...

Huh - I had an opposite experience with a deodorant crystal - I found I sweated freely, but with no odor. It's like magic. And I'm pretty sure it lasts forever. One thing is, you have to wash off the old deodorant residue pretty good, really scrub, so that the crystal can do it's thing. I've used it for a while now, and love it. But it's great to know how to make your own in a pinch.

Jen said...

That's interesting to have such different experiences! I wonder if maybe I bought some less then quality brand? I had no idea what I was looking for, just picked it up on a whim one day. But now, I don't think I'll go back :)

Chelsey said...

This sounds interesting. I'm currently using vinegar and spraying it on each day. Once it dries you don't smell it anymore. Warning it stings after shaving though! lol... I wonder how vinegar compares to this recipe.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.